What is All About a Butterfly?        

         A butterfly is an insects of the order Lepidoptera. The scope  of the term

 butterflies depends on how far the concept is extended. Like all Lepidoptera,

 butterflies are notable for their unusual life cycle with a larval caterpillar stage, an

 inactive pupae stage   and a spectacular metamorphosis into a familiar and colorful

 winged adult form, and most species being day-flying they regularly attract

 attention. The diverse patterns formed by their brightly colored wings and their erratic

-yet graceful-flight have made butterfly watching a popular  hobby.

          Butterfly any of a large group of insects found throughout most of the world;

 with the moths , they comprise the order Lepidoptera. There are about 12 families of

 butterflies. Most adult moths and butterflies feed on nectar sucked from flowers. In

 the process they may transfer  pollen from one flower to another, and many plants

 depend on moths or butterflies for  pollination. Like moths, butterflies have coiled,

 sucking mouthparts and two pairs of wings that  function as a single pair; the wings

 are covered with scales that come off as dust when  the insects is handled

         Butterflies can be distinguished from moths in several ways: the antennae of

 butterflies are knobbed at the tips, while those of moths almost never have terminal

 knobs and are often  feathery; the body of a butterfly is more slender and usually

 smoother than that of a moth butterflies are active by day, while most moths are

 nocturnal; when at rest most butterflies hold the wings vertically, while most moths

 flatten them against the surface on which they are resting. The skippers are

 intermediate in characteristics, but they are usually called butterflies. Some butterflies

 migrate, usually traveling toward the equator in the fall and away from it in  the

 spring. The North American monarch butterfly makes mass migrations of several

 thousand  miles.

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