Supplier of live butterfly pupae and dried butterfly from the island of Marinduque Philippines




1.The minimum order is at least 100 pieces of assorted live butterfly pupae and all the prices are in US Dollar.


2.Shall to request the order 2 weeks prior to decide time of products receive to have sufficient time for assembly products and necessary documents preparation.


3.Every species are guaranteed available except for the unavoidable circumstances that will affect the stocks. (typhoon, dry spell or any damages that cause of nature )


4.Orders can be made through E-MAIL or by telephone call.


5.The shipping options that we provide is only by air cargo through DHL, TNT, Cathay Pacific Forwarder.


6.We only accept direct telegraphic wire transfer or International Bank draft  xoom  money transfer and or Western Union money transfer for payment method.


7.Every single order purchase has requires  for 50% deposit.


8.The 50% deposit will be cover the initial expenses for transportation and clearances. All shipping charges will  be shouldered by costumer.


9.We will give initial 30% deposit for regular buyers.


10.If  the said down payment is received we will inform you by sending the papers through fax or  E-mail likewise if the buyers have got the product  they also required to inform us with this procedure as well.


11.We are willing to make an adjustment if necessarily defend on the buyer request.


12.The buyer can cancelled their order 7 days before the date of all orders.


13.The nature arc butterfly culture has the right to cancel the transactions if there is a noted violation with this conditions.


14.Buyer’s comment and or suggestion are welcome just to keep the business in good shape, we will do our best to accommodate your concerns.