Supplier of live butterfly pupae and dried butterfly from the island of Marinduque Philippines




         Many butterfly feeding and breeding grounds have been


 destroyed because  of pesticides and the construction of housing


and centers. So creating a butterfly garden will not only  attract these


beautiful winged creature                                                                  to your yard, but


can help them flourish                                                                    again. 


        Butterflies are easy                                                                 to attract; you just


have to know what they                                                                   like to


 eat. Caterpillars eat                                                                        “larval” plants like


milkweed,  marigolds,                                                                      queens


anne’s lace, and violets. Butterflies like nectar” plants ,like butterfly bush,


The beauty bush sunflowers, lilacs, snapdragons, and zinnias. Select plants


that are diverse in color and bloom at different times, so you will attract


butterflies all summer long. Check with a nursery to see what plants will


grow we;; in your area, and understand that different plants attract  different


butterflies and caterpillars.


      Be sure the area receives five to six hours of sun a day and is sheltered


from the wind. Also, a mud puddle in a sunny spot will provide butterflies


with other essential salts and nutrients.


Watching these flying flowers flit around your garden is delightful. And the


 satisfaction of  preserving a species by providing a safe habitat is